RCP at RCP:  The Rockwall Children’s Playhouse at Rockwall Community Playhouse (RCP at RCP) Workshop introduces students to theatre basics, as well as how to produce a complete show!  This unique program provides educational opportunities along with a stage performance for families and friends.  Perfect for the new or developing actor to experience the entire production process including how to audition, what happens during rehearsals, understanding stage movement, and acting techniques.  RCP Workshops are conducted each Spring and Fall.  Performances for family and friends are held at the end of the workshop period.


Directed by Kathryn Johnson

1st – 4th Grade

By Lorraine Thompson

Come one!  Come all!  Step right up!  Watch the greatest stories on Earth come alive under the big top!  It’s a circus full of laughter and lively storytelling as the ringmaster and players perform a variety of well-known tales.

Class Meets: Tuesday & Thursday beginning February 14 (4:30 – 6:30)

Performances:  Friday, April 14 at 7:30 pm and Saturday, April 15 at 2 pm


5th – 8th Grade

By Don Zolidis

Mom and Dad want their freeloading kids to get jobs, but nothing could compete with the ultimate gig for high school kids that they had in 1989. As a Game Counselor answering calls on the Power Line, you could bring hope to people with nothing to lose but 99 cents an hour: people who are really stuck in a video game. In his pre-Dad days, young Gilbert learns the ropes from fellow weirdos as the quirky Counselors field calls from the lovelorn, the overly immersed, and the bloodthirsty. Battling panic attacks on the phone is tougher than dodging barrels at first, but a talented coworker takes an interest in helping Gilbert…and maybe more. Okey-dokey, here we go!

Class Meets: Monday & Wednesday beginning February 13 (4:30 – 6:30)

Performances:  April 15 at 7:30 pm, April 16 at 2 pm