Rockwall Children’s Playhouse (RCP) at Rockwall Community Playhouse (RCP)

RCP at RCP believes the future of community theater depends on identifying, nurturing and developing the talents of children.  No matter what future endeavors children pursue, experience onstage prepares them for confident communication before a wide range of audiences. This tuition based program has become very popular and offered twice a year.

( Coming March )
Tuition based program $150
Bradley Hayward
Directed by TBD

SPOOF. It’s become the latest TV reality show craze! In “American Idle,” contestants vie for the honor of becoming America’s number-one high school slacker. Host Brian Seacrest takes us through rounds of hilarious auditions, mind-bending challenges, and brutal eliminations. Along the way, contestants compete to impress three judges with their supreme slacker skills—an inarticulate school janitor; a nasty, condescending guidance counselor; and a spacey drama teacher. But in the end, the biggest slackers of all may be the TV viewers themselves, who have become too lazy to vote for a winner! This hysterical spoof has a flexible cast and simple staging.
AUDITIONS/REGISTRATION: Registration begins MONDAY, January 6th, 2020 at 4:30pm
PERFORMANCES: Saturday, March 7 & Sunday, March 8
CHILDREN’S COMEDY. Inspired by the 1844 Hans Christian Andersen tale. Mama Duck is thrilled when her ducklings finally hatch. However, when the last and largest egg hatches, Mama Duck is puzzled when Summer emerges. Summer is much larger and doesn’t look anything like the other ducklings. Upon further inspection, Old Duck concludes the eggs must have gotten mixed up and that Summer is most definitely a turkey because she is so ugly. Gramma Duck disagrees and is convinced that Summer must be a tree trunk. Two geese on their way south guess Summer’s either a chicken or a horse. Summer then meets a cat and hen who think she may be a big brown cow, an aardvark, a rhinoceros, a pig, a deer, a squirrel, an alligator, a snake, a tiger, or a kitchen sink. Confused, Summer ventures out on her own to discover what type of animal she is and where she belongs but she must first escape the sharp claws of Scary Cat, a pair of hunters, and a couple of hungry humans determined to eat her for supper. This charming play features a host of irresistible characters that will delight your audience.
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